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I've Got a Secret (1972-73 Allen)
(3 episodes total)

I've Got a Secret 1972 or 1973 - Steve Allen
Jayne Meadows, Henry Morgan, Anita Gilette, Richard Dawson
Raymond Sokolov (I tasted dog food)
Panel tastes dog food
Jane Barbie (Recorded voice tells time on the phone)
Don Knotts (Is sitting on Steves lap)
Bernie Allen (Her hen lays green eggs)

I've Got a Secret 1972 Steve Allen
Anita Gillette, Bert Convy, Jayne Meadows, Richard Dawson
Bud Hilfert (Paints with his feet)
Chad Webber & Bill Melendez (Voice Charlie Brown & Snoopy)
Cliff Robertson (Quizzes panel with personal questions)
Virginia Matthews (she was sent by Parcel Post)

I've Got a Secret (Syndicated) 1972 - Steve Allen
Pat Carroll, Rayburn, Nanette Fabray, Dawson
Hubert Keel (Built tincan Calliope)
Bunch of men in audience (all named James Smith)
Charles Nelson Reilly (Doing body painting on Janice Pennington)
James Love (Plays music on telephone)

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