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Beat The Clock (1950-58 Collyer)

Beat The Clock (1969-74 Narz & Wood)

I've Got a Secret (1952-67 Moore & Allen)

I've Got a Secret (1972-73 Allen)

I've Got a Secret (2006 Dwyer)

The Match Game (1962-69 Rayburn)

Match Game (1973-83 Rayburn)


Password (1961-67 Ludden)

Password (ABC 1971-75 Ludden)

Password Plus (1979-82 Ludden, Cullen & Kennedy)

Super Password (1984-89 Convy)

Tic Tac Dough (1978-86 Martindale)

The Name's The Same (1951-55 Lewis, James, Bob & Ray, Fadiman)

To Tell The Truth (1956-68 Collyer)

To Tell The Truth (1969-78 Moore & Garagiola)

To Tell The Truth (1980-81 Ward)

What's My Line? (1950-67 Daly)

What's My Line? (1968-75 Bruner & Blyden)

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Trading Status: Available

Want List:

  • What's My Line? #332 from October 14, 1956 with Jo Stafford as the Mystery Guest.

  • Any Game Show appearance of Anna Moffo. She was on the syndie WML as both a panelist and mystery guest, and may have been on other shows as well.

  • Old talk shows including, but not limited to Late Night with David Letterman on NBC.

  • Old variety shows.

  • Grouchos' You bet your life.

  • The 4.5 hour version of Von Stroheims' "Greed" aired on TCM.

  • Any game show episodes that have not been broadcast on GSN since early 2004.

  • Any network IGAS or TTTT that I don't have.

  • Peter Marshall Hollywood Squares.

  • Chuck Barris Gong Show.

  • Chuck Woolery Wheel of Fortune.

  • The Gameshow Marathon that aired on CBS in 2006.

  • TPIR with anyone except Bob Barker & Drew Carey.

  • Any Syndicated IGAS, WML, TTTT that I don't have (which is almost all of them).

  • Any 1960's Password that I don't have.

  • Old Oscar broadcasts.

  • Any films or TV appearances not available on DVD featuring any of the following people: Renee Adoree, John Gilbert, Simone Simon, Anne Baxter, Janet Gaynor, Clara Bow, Louise Brooks, Natalie Wood, Linda Darnell, Katherine Hepburn, Norma Talmadge, Constance Talmadge, Jack Benny, Buster Keaton, Jeanne Crain, Anna May Wong, Lillian Gish, Peggy Cummins

  • Any unusual Black & White game show.