Kent's Game Show Trading Page
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Kent's Game Show Trading Page

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Beat The Clock (1950-58 Collyer)

Beat The Clock (1969-74 Narz & Wood)

I've Got a Secret (1952-67 Moore & Allen)

I've Got a Secret (1972-73 Allen)

I've Got a Secret (2006 Dwyer)

The Match Game (1962-69 Rayburn)

Match Game (1973-83 Rayburn)


Password (1961-67 Ludden)

Password (ABC 1971-75 Ludden)

Password Plus (1979-82 Ludden, Cullen & Kennedy)

Super Password (1984-89 Convy)

Tic Tac Dough (1978-86 Martindale)

The Name's The Same (1951-55 Lewis, James, Bob & Ray, Fadiman)

To Tell The Truth (1956-68 Collyer)

To Tell The Truth (1969-78 Moore & Garagiola)

To Tell The Truth (1980-81 Ward)

What's My Line? (1950-67 Daly)

What's My Line? (1968-75 Bruner & Blyden)

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Trading Status: Available

Last Updated: February 15th 2009

Number of Episodes: 1738

Welcome to my Game Show Trading Page!

Please peruse my trade list and contact me if you would like to trade. Don't forget to read my few simple trading rules first. Don't worry if you don't have any game shows to trade. My want list includes many non-game show items and is far from inclusive.


  • I do not trade for money, blank tapes, blank DVDs or anything like that.

  • Please send your trades to me by USPS Priority Mail. I will do the same.

  • I will trade with people outside of the USA at my discretion.

  • 2 hour minimum trade time, (four 30 minute episodes without commercials).

  • If we have never traded before please send me your list before you request items from me.

  • If you are sending VHS tapes please send new tapes only. Please use SONY, JVC, Maxell or TDK brands only. Please include the VHS labels, but do not write on the labels or affix them to the tapes.

  • If you send DVDs do not label them in any way.

  • Please record DVDs at 1 to 4 hour settings only, no 6 or 8 hour recordings.

  • If you make the initial trade request contact with me, I will wait to receive my tapes or DVDs from you before I mail your requests.

  • If you send DVDs they must be standard DVDs that can be used in any DVD player. No Divx, no WMV files, no AVI files, no RealMedia files, nothing downloaded from Youtube or anywhere else.

  • 1:1 ratios only.

  • (This space purposely left blank)

  • Rules subject to change. :-)

  • end of list